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Getting paid to refer the ultimate hosting experience!

By entering our referral program, you will be able to use a library of banner ads and a link specifically made for your account where you referals will be able to use to orders GloboTech Communication's services.

After 3 months for that service being paid and active, your commission will be credited. If you are not a current customer of Globo.Tech, a payment will be sent via Paypal. If you do have an active services with us, the credit will be applied to your last invoice(s).

Get in and get paid!

Each time you will refer someone that will have 3 monthly invoices paid or prepaid for at least 3 months, you will obtain 15% of the total invoice paid value.

Example of Commissions:

Services Price Payout
$100/month $45
$300/month $135
$1000/month $450
$100/month service prepaid 3 month (with 5% discount) $42.75
$300/month service prepaid 6 month (with 10% discount) $243
$500/month service prepaid 12 months (with 15% discount) $765

If the referral prepays for at least 3 months, no need to wait for 3 months and your credit will be applied instantly once the billing as approved the order.

Qualified Services

All of our dedicated server services and all add-ons of services including management plan, backups, licenses, spam protections will be applicable on the credit bank